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South Carolina House Bill No. 4501
Bill No. 4501 first introduced in the South Carolina House of representatives on February 2, 2010 provides that the State is not to recognize, employ, or compel any person or entity to recognize or employ anything other than silver and gold coin as a legal tender in payment of any debt arising out of:
  1. taxation by the State, where the applicable authority for the tax shall mandate the calculation and payment of it in silver and gold coin;
  2. expropriation of private property pursuant to the exercise of the power of eminent domain by the State or by any entity privileged by the laws of it to exercise this power; and
  3. judgments, decrees, or orders of any court or administrative agency of this State in civil or criminal actions or proceedings, except where and only to the extent that the court or agency granting an award shall find, on the basis of clear and convincing evidence, that payment of silver and gold coin shall not constitute just compensation for the damages suffered by the prevailing party, and therefore shall mandate:
    1. specific performance of a contract or agreement by other than the payment of money;
    2. specific restitution of identifiable property other than money, or
    3. other like relief, and contracts or agreements for the payment of wages, salaries, fees, or other monetary compensation to any person, corporation or other entity who or which shall provide goods or services to the State in aid of performance of its governmental functions.
To view the status and legislative history of this bill, click here.
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