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Congressman Ron Paul
As a consistent and vocal advocate of sound monetary principles for many decades, Dr. Ron Paul brought national attention to the pervasive, confiscatory "inflation tax" during his 2008 U.S. presidential bid. In sponsoring the Free Competition in Currency Act at the federal level, Congressman Paul noted:
A supply of gold and silver that is limited in supply by nature cannot be inflated, and thus serves as a check on the growth of government. Without the ability to inflate the currency, governments find themselves constrained in their actions, unable to carry on wars of aggression or to appease their overtaxed citizens with bread and circuses.
Notwithstanding his national focus, he has likewise been supportive of state monetary policy initiatives. As busy as he is, he takes time to discuss proposals with local activists, providing encouragement and advice. Consider his comments below regarding the Sound Money Movement in general and the Utah Sound Money Act in particular:
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