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What Can We Do To Restore Sound Money?
So what can we each do about our nation's monetary woes? The answer is really quite simple. Just reinstate the sound money system the founding fathers gave us. They knew that throughout thousands of years of human history gold and silver coin had consistently and reliably held its purchasing power. That's why it's called "sound money."

This doesn't mean we have to discard our paper dollars. On the contrary, circulating gold and silver coin as a competing currency can strengthen our overall monetary system. It can provide the impetus our leaders need to kick the bad habit of creating mountains of money out of thin air, whenever they want. So become a Citizen for Sound Money by contacting your representatives or making a donation to the cause.

Attention Utah Citizens!

If you live in Utah, please take action today. The Utah Sound Money Act will go before the state legislature on January 24th, 2011. Your representatives need to hear that you support the restoration of sound money as an option for Utahns. Also, Citizens for Sound Money is working to fund an aggressive media campaign during the entire legislative session which runs through March 10th, 2011. Your donations (in any amount) are desperately needed to reach citizens across the state with the Sound Money message.

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All donations fund critical Sound Money educational initiatives
through conventional as well as alternative media channels.