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Utahns, please contact your representatives at your very first opportunity. The Utah Legislature will begin consideration of The Utah Sound Money Act on January 24th, 2011. Your representatives need to hear that you support the restoration of the sound money option for Utahns.

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Sample Letter

Dear __________________,

As a concerned Utah citizen, I am writing to urge you to support The Utah Sound Money Act. I and many of my friends and neighbors are waking up to the sad reality that under our current system the U.S. dollar has lost more than 95% of its purchasing power over the past several decades. Before that, being defined as a specific weight of silver, the dollar generally held its value. But now, without any precious metal backing required, the government can, and has, drastically expanded the money supply, triggering a tremendous loss of wealth, not only here but worldwide.

The Utah Sound Money Act takes important steps towards restoring the solid monetary system that made America great. Not only does it recognize gold and silver coin as legal tender, as required by the Constitution, it also provides for the legal and commercial framework necessary to make sound money a viable, voluntary, option for Utahns.

This law also includes important features that would encourage and support local production and commerce. With so much of our industry having been sent overseas, this legislative action gives me hope that I might just see more "Made in Utah" labels appearing on store shelves. Our current heavy reliance on foreign imports frankly makes me nervous about our country's future.

I also appreciate the reaffirmation of inalienable property rights found in the security and privacy section of the bill. Such an assurance that Utah will be a haven from the un-Constitutional surveillance, confiscation, and anti-hoarding laws that have littered our nation's legislative past is bound to be a boon to business and draw liberty-minded people from around the country to our state.

Because actions always speak louder than words, the actual implementation of this law would send an important message to Washington that we're fed up with their irresponsible management of the nation's monetary system. If they actually get that message, we might just see policies emerge that would serve to reverse the current global flight from the dollar as the world's reserve currency. The Utah Sound Money Act could well become the best thing to happen to the dollar in years.

Finally, I understand that the bill can be implemented at little or no cost to the State. That, coupled with the improved business environment this law would foster, may well result in increased tax revenues. So, please support the Utah Sound Money Act and restore for us the sound monetary system our parents and grandparents enjoyed.


Joe Public
A Citizen for Sound Money

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